If you are among our many clients with limited storage facilities or have multiple locations . . . we can manage your inventory levels for you. By allowing us to store and track your product you will realize several added benefits including:

  • Freeing up your valuable storage space for other purposes.
  • When we manage your inventory you can be assured you will never get caught short of an item. We will always have immediate availability for you.
  • Relieving you of the burden of monitoring your inventory levels. When quantities reach a re-order level you are advised and consulted for the best possible approach based on consumption, future requirements and pricing levels.
  • We will ship to any of your multiple location sites servicing their inventory levels as well as yours. Many of these requested release shipments leave our site the same day your request is received.
  • All of the items we maintain for you are monitored on our extensive computer system allowing an instant report of what is currently on hand and available to you.
  • We can provide a written report to you detailing consumption quantities used by each individual location. These reports can be beneficial when establishing a financial budget for various locations.
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